I spent the night with Houston once
But I bet that she forgot
Cause Houston seems to think
That you’re important or you’re not
So I don’t give a damn for Houston
Or her Jr. High School prom dance state of mind
Wrap me up in Austin
You can kiss her mouth without kissing her behind

I dropped a quarter once in Dallas
It went rolling down the bluff
They arrested me for littering
They said I didn’t drop enough
They’ve got the cleanest cells in Texas
Even their jailbirds’ve got no soul
Wrap me up in Austin
Where at least when I’m locked up I feel at home

There’s nothing all that bad
That I could say about San Antone
Except for all its bark
There ain’t much dog meat on that bone
I mean it’s nice enough to visit
It’s nice enough to get back in your car
Wrap me up in Austin
I’ll remember Davy Crockett from afar

There’s snakes out in the desert
There’s fireants in dirt
There’s oilmen in Lubbock
And there’s bankers in Fort Worth
Now I’m scared to leave South Congress
They might kill me, or worse,
They might think that I’m with them
Wrap me up in Austin
Where a bum can wear his panties like a man

They say that it’s god’s country
Then they fill their cups with spit
Well maybe god felt sorry
For the Baptists and the hicks
I don’t give a damn for Texas
And I expect that she don’t give a damn for me
So wrap me up in Austin
And adios to Tejasito, we’d secede

Copyright 2007. Words and music by Danny Schmidt