Kings lose, princes fall, and queens lose their heads
And the paupers laugh cause they're better off than dead

Cakes are empty, castles cold, and wine’s thick with lead
But the beans are soaked and the piñata's full of bread

Bells ring, angels sing -- their harmonies in ninths
The honky-tonk witches punch makes children of the night

Paper trade, promenade, the bear swings its claws
Cause when you dance on air you're bound to fall

Guns don't argue and the badge don't lie, the man knows no bounds
But now the hunter's hunted -- set loose the hounds

Priests and rabbis fight to see who'll play the host
While the Goddess dances with fathers, sons, and ghosts


Streets grow wrinkled, buildings bend -- outlived their good
But the blood's still flowing back to the woods

The crowd's gathering, come make your way -- just read the trees
But come empty-handed -- this party's free


Come make your way. Come set the stage --

Where the filthy rich and the filthy poor
Can dance upon a level floor
And spin like children been released
'Til all that's left is dust

Where the power ties and the petty crooks
Can turn back all the ledger books
And all the locks fall away to rust

Copyright 1999. Words and music by Danny Schmidt