I’m gonna sit and wiggle
I’m gonna sing again
I’m gonna speak my heart and hope you can hear it
And I hope that you understand, understand

Sit and sniff the daisies
And pop the poppies, too
Breathe in and hold it, hmmm, don’t you know that
It’s kind what the kind buds do, the kind buds do

Hold me down. Hold me down.
Hold me down . . . around the waist

I’ve got a new friend
My friend’s a girl
She’s got hands like rain and legs like a river
She could carve up the whole damn world, the whole damn world

She made me breakfast
And I made her cry
She said: “What about the moon? What about the magic?”
Yeah, but what about the goddamn tides, the goddamn tides?

She don’t know -- the way I come and go
She swears she loves me, but I swear that she don’t know

Sunshine and sangria
So easy going down
Let’s lay with today and just hope for tomorrow
And love being here right now, here right now

So hold me down
Hold me down
Hold me down . . . around the waist

Copyright 2007. Words and music by Danny Schmidt