Take me back to Memphis where The King smoked dope
And he drove his gold Caddy through the mirrors and smoke
When life goes drivin’ off ahead of you
There’s reds and whites and catchin’ up to do
On that Blue Railroad Train . . .

Tell me Jimi Hendrix just before you died
Was the rainbow in the tunnel really worth the ride
I’m not to judge a man on what he can or should
But I hope the hope the angels have some funk and that
the sky kissed good
Like that Blue Railroad Train . . .

I’m gonna sing with Janis Joplin, watch her shake that thing
And hear nothing in her pockets but freedom’s ring
But don’t think for a second you had nothing to lose
Cause it froze your heart and it stole your blues
That Blue Railroad Train . . .

Johnny Cash there’s a hymn I’ve heard that sings
That in the ashes of the fire hides the King of Kings
Well you’ve crawled through the soot and you’ve searched alone
And Fourteen Stations later you’ve rode back home
On that Blue Railroad Train . . .

I know the world’s gone crazy and our souls are weak
And that there’s sacred and profane along the paths we seek
As long as there are questions there’ll be answers tried
But you can’t know the destination before you ride
That Blue Railroad Train . . .

Copyright 2001. Words and music by Danny Schmidt