A part of her lives in a room in her head
And a part of her lives wild in the woods
I wanted to make love to both parts at once
But a part of me knew that I never could

But Cosima says we're too close to the edge
I can't help but be scared when she's scared
But she also agrees it's a beautiful scene
Life's valley through the mist and the fears

I showed her her name engraved on my heart
She said there must be some mistake
I tried to invite myself into her room
But there were things that she was scared I would break


We sang our song softly together
She swayed to the guitar I'd strum
But she was scared that her life might go dancing away
If three hearts all started to drum


Well fear ain't nothing -- it's falling that's real
And to let the fear rule you's a shame
Cause dreams and memories can't warm me at night
And hugging pillows just ain't the same


Copyright 1999. Words and music by Danny Schmidt