My baby likes donuts for breakfast
My baby likes donuts for lunch
My baby likes donuts for dinner
My baby likes donuts a bunch

My baby ain't always happy
My baby ain't always sad
My baby ain't always good to me
But my baby ain't always bad 

Sometimes my baby acts crazy
Sometimes she's off the wall
Sometimes she talks like she hates living
Sometimes she don't talk at all

Oh won't you take this from me...
Crazy love

She don't like me playing the fool, Lord
Thinkin "There he goes again..."
My baby's got to learn to be patient
My baby's just learnin 'bout men

She thinks men are simple and hopeless
I think she just mostly don't care
Kick my ass if she caught me calling her Baby
But what's fun ain't always fair

I keep my baby from doing her business
Oh let me count the ways
And when she lays her head to rest, Lord
She dreams of thirty-two hour days

Don't help her get up in the morning
And I can't stop talking at night
Seems I don't make nothin easy
But, Lord, my heart is right


My baby likes thinkin of killing
My baby likes bearin her teeth
Makes me smile when she's actin hard, Lord
Cause I've seen what's underneath

She lives a rough and a dangerous high life
Sees a view uncommon rare
How the hell can the face of an angel
Look down with such despair

Some days I'm just trying to help her
Help with her troubled ways
Come home and make love in the evening
Cause she's perfect in crazy ways


My baby's a kiss upon waking
She's the space between the stars
She's an artist like the sun at sunset
She's the key to the prison bars

Snugglin in the poorman's vineyards
Gulpin good cheap dry red wine
Lookin over the moon and the garden
And damn ain't everything so fine 

Take this cause it's all I can give you
Crazy love and kind mistakes
I love you still all roughshod and tangled
Cause fairy tales don't always take


Copyright 1999. Words and music by Danny Schmidt