I’ve lived my life in two pursuits
To capture time and free the truth
I never asked for all your love
I only asked for you

But sometimes sunshine hits my glass
And answers ‘fore I have to ask
How the hell can rainbows
Show so many shortest paths?

But now I find it’s time
To take the lines and draw again
A blinding light, a climb to grace
To fall in love, to fall into the best of friends

Looks like I’m in love again
I see my heart outside my skin
And all the teardrops leaking out
As the dreams come sneaking in

It’s lovely, though, so I forget
That just to love is not to get
And hours of sweet nothings
Still add up to nothing yet


A different time, a different place
Unembroidered, disembraced
A kiss upon the cheek
Leaves me defeated, not defaced

Roads diverge, and rise and fall
You hope, at least, the road still calls
Yours by way of Pleasantville
And mine, by Shambhala


Copyright 2007. Words and music by Danny Schmidt