I ain’t like that anymore
I don’t kick off like before
I’m more relaxed, I’m all reformed
I ain’t a firestorm

I played a show in Club Delaney
Long, but still they would not pay me
They said times were tough and I said tough times just abound
They said it’s all misunderstanding
And I should not be so demanding
In the old days I’d have burned the bastards down


I made my way from Spain to France
A naked sort of paper dance
There were stamps to beg for and palms demanding grease
They said there’s nothing they could do
They said there’s tricks that get you through
Was a time I would have nailed those palms to trees


Cause now you’ve turned my eyes to see
A wider view, a kinder scene
I used to blame the forest for the trees
But you hold my hand and step me back
A love that lights a charcoal past
A trail of ash and burned down memories

I used to flap my tongue like fists of flint against the granite fools
Until sparks blazed in my eyes, it’s true
But now I’m done with that, I haven’t
Torched the woods to kill one rabbit
Not for years, not until they came and fucked with you

I’m still like that some I know
There’s still kindling in my soul
It burns quiet, it burns slow
Until a firestorm explodes

Copyright 2008. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.