Kinda layin low -- a little girl with hands of silk
A quick game of touch and go -- and the loss of words
It’s just the way things go -- flowers open, petals wilt
Fingers lock and people close
And minds wander down down down
Lips pressed together -- too tight to speak
A little taste to top the night -- then drift off to sleep
And my girlwhiskey -- she goes down smooth and sweet

It’s hard to know -- what’s exception, what’s the rule
And when the honest blade is cruel
or when it’s kisses that carve the soul
Sittin in the park -- children play and children fall
And children tear their friends apart
Rebuilt to run again again again
Mamas teach your babies -- your babies teach the rest
There’s some things those that know the least
. . . they know the best
And my girlwhiskey -- can you teach me to forget

Now all alone -- a little bourbon wet and warm
Off to dig yourself as whole -- a little trickle fills right in
It’s still good to know -- with all the cracks there’s still no leaks
And with the lights down soft and low
No need to see so far so far so far
It’s too soon to write her -- but too late to call
It’s all spent in gettin there -- then free for the fall
And my girlwhiskey -- don’t need the girl at all

Copyright 2001. Words and music by Danny Schmidt