Hey, the sun’s sinking,
Overhead the skies are grey
All’s still but folks thinking
On the words the preacher prays
“Lay thee down in heaven’s sunlight
And smile down upon the days gone by
- By and By -
His soul was taken
and don’t ask the good lord why”

“He was a good and was a kind man
Kept his garden free of weeds
Fed the sick and led the blind man
To the light where souls are freed
He left behind his ma and sisters
And ours is not to ask what’s fair
- what’s fair is fair -
So lend some kindness
for their loss is ours to bear”

He went to church and looked on Jesus
And how they stretched him ‘cross the post
With all our sins washed down his body
‘Cross naked flesh when eyes were closed
And at night he shared the burden
Of his brother lying close at hand
- hand in hand -
And just like Jesus
from eyes of love dropped tears of sin

Thou shalt not steal thy neighbor’s money
Nor take thy neighbor’s life
And thou shalt have but for desire
Not thy neighbor, but for his wife
They sheathed their swords inside their bibles
And when they come, they come to beat him straight
But it’s the bible that takes a beating
When you preach a love of hate

Now listen good though I’m no preacher
They killed a man for how he loved
If you believe that shit you’re teaching
You best take shelter from above
Cause it’s our words which built the heavens
And it’s our words which hold the mighty
- All and All -
Might come down crashing
if our word for Angel falls

Copyright 2001. Words and music by Danny Schmidt