Well in those hills of Ozark County
There's backwards folks with forward minds
And money don't grow in fertile soil
And folks find life in what they know is real

Oh, in heaven I roam. Oh, in heaven I roam. (x2)

Well storms of tears and sunshine laughter
And flowers bloom, then fall to seed
Well I'm just sitting here watching all the trees grow
And feeling that they're smiling down on me


I thought to know, you had to ask the questions
A million answers, I just stopped asking why
Cause when you're living right there ain't nothing
so sweet as living
Gonna eat my fill long before I die


Well in these hills of the Blue Ridge of Virginia
You woke me up from a sleep of many years
With one soft kiss and the smell of bleeding maples
When I'm with you the air itself does breathe


Copyright 1999. Words and music by Danny Schmidt