Little white angels, little white pills
Free her from freedom and the burden of will
Wash clean the sparrows that lie dead on her sill
And watch them all come alive in the end

Last call, the curtain falls
The light’s still melting in her eyes
The talking photos on the wall
Those other souls so loosely tied

Then the ceiling sings to her
Then it opens up to her
The angels dangle from the fan to comb her hair
Then they open up her dress
And draw the sadness from her chest
She only needs them when they’re there


Yes please, the things we need
The same things that choke us in the end
A breath of peace from breathless dreams
And so it seems she’ll suffer them again

The feathers fall and fill her bed
The whispers call and fill her head
The angels strangle her with kisses from above
They tie their wings around her hands
They promise her she’ll come with them
She calls it surrendering to love


Copyright 2010. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.