Rosemary fights with her heart like it’s wrong
As he patiently waits for her answer
But she just can’t remember the last time she won
So she tells him she loves him in anger
Oh bally ho, it’s all you can do

Sweet San Anselmo, the parking is free
It’s the hanging around that might kill her
And the Celestine Deli sells sandwiches cheap
And yet somehow they never quite fill her
Oh bally ho, it’s all you can do

You can’t get the crystals away from the kooks
If you can’t get the kooks from the crystals
Lost in the suburbs or sauced in the hills?
Well at least she’ll be tossed from the middle
Oh bally ho, it’s all you can do

Oh bally ho, it’s not far but it’s further
It’s the X on the map buried deep in your bones
Oh’s for the walking there
Oh’s for the running
And oh’s for the crawling
If it drags your ass home

So silence the thunder cause sad as it seems
A rainbow leaves little to build on
But if today is for hunger, and tomorrow’s for dreams
Then the day after that’s for the children
Oh bally ho, it’s all you can do

Copyright 2008. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.