There's Pharaohs and there's farmers, there's bosses and there's slaves
There's every kind of sorrow in the fields these days
From the Delta of the Nile to the Country of the Brave
And baby's gone mad again
But Moses climbed the mountain, Moses got the stones
And Moses told the people: "We're going on home"
And the Red Sea parted and the Dead Sea moaned
With the Ragtime Ragtime Blues

Lead me to the river, lay me by the shore
Let the coyotes find me, let the raindrops pour
Let the clouds drop roses til I’’m drowned in thorns
Cause baby's gone mad again
Rivers flow wild, rivers flow free
And rivers flow mighty or it just might be
That rivers run crazy til the moon comes clean
With the Ragtime Ragtime Blues

Genghis Khan was conned but Napoleon was told
Never go and conquer what you cannot hold
If land was a woman I’d be foolish for the gold
And baby's gone mad again
Now I'm not saying that I'm some king
And I'm not saying that you're no queen
I'm just saying, I'm just saying
I've got the Ragtime Ragtime Blues

The deeper is the winter, the richer is the spring
What the frost might taketh, the sunshine brings
A little color on the hill, a little dust upon the wings
Cause baby's coming back again
None can decipher, none too soon
The circles of the sun and the circles of the moon
Run circles round my head in a circulatory tune
Called the Ragtime Ragtime Blues

Copyright 2010. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.