We've been waiting since Thursday
We're waiting today
We'll be waiting tomorrow
Well it sure feels that way

You're taking your sweet time
You're taking it slow
I see you're a wise one
You know what you know

Weaving you this gentle welcome mat
Waiting on the baby Sassafras

There's love that is blinded
That mama knows best
And you'll drink of it deeply
As you're held to her breast

And you'll carry it with you
In your stomache so round
When you're lost in the forest
Food will always be found


There'll be blood on the surface
But a heart that's born clean
Cause the love you were made from
I'm proud to have seen

There's a sharp-edged division
In an unfeeling world
Stay soft and stay open
I hope you're a girl


Free's outside and drumming
He don't know what else to do
He's pounding the rhythm
Of the long overdue

There's a full moon that's rising
There's no failure in fate
Well it's your life to live for
But I can't hardly wait

This song's partly a blessing
And it's partly a toast
And a trail marker left from
One who's partly across


Copyright 1999. Words and music by Danny Schmidt