We’ve got two hearts that beat together
Got two rings, they’re intertwined
We’re all set then -- can’t beat the weather
A wedding march to lead the brides

I’ve got dirt and I’ve got water
The Acorn Inn -- it’s planting time
I’ve got my friends and I’ve got my family
And I’ve got my sunshine right by my side

They’ve come back home to sweet Virginia
To gracious ground and sacred soil
Wheres there’s no such thing as to live in sin, y’all
When it’s all in love and it’s all for joy


Save the tears to fill the punch bowl
With water pure as hearts are clear
Cause through the years they’ll spill back tenfold
On friendships old as the friends are dear


If love’s as rare as the invitation
To come and join in love’s parade
Well then I declare, it’s a fine conception
Arm in arm -- it’s a prominade


Copyright 2007. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.