Sunny day, sunny days
Don’t you trick me into stayin’
Don’t you lay me in the cornfield
Just to take the corn away
Sunny day, sunny days
Don’t you trap me in your rays
Either let me loose or promise not fade

Quiet storm, quiet storm
If the future holds to form
From nowhere comes an island
Where the winds are calm and warm
Would you trade another day at sea
For a gentle kiss right now?
Well tomorrow’s just as soft as lips allow
Sunny Days


Crystal clear, crystal clear
I’ve been deaf about a year
With wads of paper money in my head
That plug my ears
But last night the room was empty
And the wooden walls were pure
And the tunes so sweet I thought I’d found the cure
Sunny Days


In the end, in the end
It’s the fear to face your friends
And you can only try your best
And then just try and make amends
But today I was bathed in kindness
And wrapped in silk to dry
And the sidewalks rubbed my feet as I walked by
Sunny Day


Pack you bag, pack your bags
With your footprints and your rags
'Til the weight of all your yesterdays
They make your shoulders sag
And be wary of the offers
To carry off the weight
And the sometimes lips of Sunny Days
that brush across your face

Copyright 2003. Words and music by Danny Schmidt