Swing me down Ol’ Carolina
Swing me back Virginia
Swing the girl who takes you home
Then swing the girl that brings ya
Hey hey hey . . .

I wake up every morning, and I sleep most every night
And I drive but still the highway just keeps bending out of sight
And I ride until the sunset bows its head down to the light
Then I bow down to my partner too and we promenade all night

Swing me down to Ol’ Wyoming
Swing me back Dakota
Swing the girl who cleans you up
Then swing the girl that broke ya
Hey hey hey . . .

There’s one that likes to Lindy, and there’s one that likes to sway
And there’s one that likes to lead, and then there’s one that likes to stray
And you’re crazy if you leave, but just as crazy if you stay
Cause there’s something about the way that caller’s calling it today

Swing me down Ol’ Arkansas
Swing me back-lahoma
Swing the girl who rents your heart
Then swing the girl that owns you
Hey hey hey . . .

So burn me down a dance floor, and blur me down a line
And turn me down the chance before I chance to make you mine
Cause it’s the holler of the heart that leads the making of the mind
It’s not that I don’t love you, I’m in love with your whole kind

Swing me up down Ol’ Colorado
Swing me back Nebraska
Swing the girl who tells you what
Then swing the girl that asks ya
Hey hey hey . . .

I can’t promise it’s a blessing, but I swear it’s not a curse
To love to love so much it must just make a heart to burst
Like a dandelion sneeze, or like a cloud that’s raining thirst
There’s a love that swings around us spreading seeds upon the earth

Swing me down Ol’ Illinois
Swing me back Missouri
Swing the girl who boils your blood
Then swing the girl that stirs ya
Hey hey hey . . .

Copyright 2008. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.