It’s your birthday so I set about to makin something fine
A gift so bright that with it you might glow from time to time
But, alas, I’m less the artist than the dreamer, sad but true
So I gazed into the clouds and, look, I found a song for you!

It’s a tale of sweet Odysseus who thought it time to rest
From those adventures past and those that soon might come up next
But a siren called and beckoned, “There’s no adventure such as me”
Odysseus, her ears did burn -- the siren sang off key

The siren on his knees he sang, “I’ve not seen the likes of you
Born of steel and born of silk, and the contradictions of the two”
But Odysseus was silent, just this grin upon her face
Cause she either knew this song by heart, or she knew not what to say

The siren sang, “Odysseus, I’ll not keep you from your life
To go and live the stories of the men and of the mice
And I would not bind your feet for it is they that count the time
For your eyes to find the poetry and your hands to paint the lines”

The siren he seemed harmless so she told him he could stay
Beside her as she wandered through the landscape of the day
They found Homer with his muse and they found Isis on the skids
And they perched themselves like gargoyles, then they pounced upon the kids

And they walked along the tracks until they fell upon a cave
Where they talked of revolution and the first few plans were made
Through the tonic and the poison and the dwindling candle lights
They knew they’d fight together, though, they knew not who they’d fight

Well, adventure she’s a strange bird -- she’s brazen and she’s shy
She’ll swoop down unsuspecting, but she’ll fly off if you try
To catch her for her feathers, she’ll just show herself in scales
But close your eyes, she’ll brush your cheek with wings of fairy tales

So go and close your eyes now girl, and blow your candles strong
And keep your wishes true cause it’s to them that you belong
And take this song for what it’s worth -- what it’s worth is this, I’ll say
It’s just a smile upon your lips and a Guinness pint that’s raised
Here Here! . . . To many more m’dear.
Here Here! . . . To many more m’dear.

Copyright 2007. Words and music by Danny Schmidt