The mirror in the morning's an uncomfortable stare
Cause the rising and shining can cast quite the glare
But kickback the cobwebs and peel back the skins
Cause the armor of night's the purveyor of sins
There's an army of lost souls don't know quite where to fight
There's an enlightened archer claims that all shots are strikes

Tell me why does the breath rise
And fall with your best tries
And where goes the color when the notes trail away
You know silence is so soft
And my soul is bankrupt
From paying the price of tomorrow . . . today

If you always march mindless straight out towards the sun
You will burn yourself blind right back where you begun
And if you drink enough silver you can see the mirage
Of ghosts pitching pennies in the corporate garage
But if your drums match the beat of your heart in the hills
You will look on the place from whence god sends the chills


I can't tell you why but it seems love is true
Cause I feel there's a cable which ties me to you
From belly to belly, from cause to effect
The threads of transcendence have woven their nets
Is it catch me oh catch me, or please cut me loose
Or is it we all fall together encased in cocoons


Copyright 2003. Words and music by Danny Schmidt