Late night stupor, late night grins
Late night supper, late night swims
Late night set loose, locked in song
Words ain’t right, but tunes ain’t wrong

Hi hidy baby hidy-ho
Where I’ve gone no man can know
The things I’ve won and the things I’ve seen
And the things I’ve lost ain’t lost on me

Minds are heavy, bellies filled
From where the dream and baby spilled
From flashbulbs silent ‘cross the night
Are pictures burned where gone’s the sight

If just a glimpse to see the face
That pain and jubilation make
Around your eyes, as through the door
Is pushed an angel truly yours


From the middle to the edge I’ve seen
And won the right to move between
Through spaces only one can fit
Are treasures buried deep in shit

But I set that space between our paths
To keep defined the other halves
But that night ‘neath the cross of stars
Well, gone enough was gone too far


Eyes can lie, but teardrops can’t
They come like letters urgent sent
One side Joy and one Regret
To fill the cracks of needs unmet

I mean this when I say to you
All feelings good and bad are true
And c’est la vie don’t say it all
Like catch the wind or enjoy the fall

Copyright 2001. Words and music by Danny Schmidt