Carrie Elkin

Hi y'all!

Wonderful to be writing to you in 2020! The last message I sent to y'all was a diaster.  And about 99% of the messages bounced back to me.  Am hoping this one goes a little more smoothly, as I have some fun stuff coming up and would love to see you.  If you're up for it, would you mind letting me know if you received this message?  That'd be a huge help to my team, as this new system has a bit of a learning curve.   THANK YOU! 

I'm re-emerging back into the world of music again.  After taking a nice break from the road, I've decided to head back out a little bit more this year.  Maizy will be with us for most of the tours, but I'll be solo on a couple, which leaves me feeling so conflicted.  I believe our family will be better off because of it, but still.  It's not an easy decision to make. Please wish me luck!

Upcoming TX Shows

This weekend, Danny and I will be in Houston at the Second Saturday Concert Series.  It's hosted by the Houston Folklore Society, and we love them to bits.  If you're in the Houston area, please come on out.  It'd be wonderful to see you. 

I'll be singing with Danny at a concert in Austin on March 7th.  All info can be found to the right of this message.  


Looking Ahead into 2020 makes me pretty darn excited.  Danny, Maizy, and I will hit the road to the Northwest in late April through early May.  We'll be in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.  I'm really looking foward to getting back to this part of the world, as it's one of my favorites.  Extra exctied to be touring as a family! 

Early June brings us to the Florida Panhandle.  A place we enjoy touring now more than ever, as Maizy's Ya Ya and Pa live there! 

Mid-June brings us to the mid-Atlantic.  You can find us in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.  

Late June I'll be touring SOLO in the UK.  YAY!  This tour is confirmed but not on my website quite yet.  That'll get done by the end of this week. 

August brings us to the upper-Midwest.  Septemeber to Colorado, and in October we'll be back on the road with the LIVE Welcome to Night Vale tour!  That tour will bring us to FL, OK, LA, and TX.  


We hope to see you at a show in 2020.  We're exctied to be back at it.  We're coming at ya with new songs and a very fun and excited three year old.  

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of my music.  And for your patience while I navigate music and motherhood.  



Upcoming Shows

Saturday, February 8th
Houston, TX
Second Saturday Concert Series
Duo Show

Saturday, March 7th
Austin, TX
Barker House Concerts
Singing harmonies w/Danny

April 22nd - May 10th
The Northwest
For details of this tour, please visit: 

For all future tour dates, please visit: