The 4th Edition of the songbook is available in paper and electronic formats.
Includes every song that Danny has ever recorded from 1999-2019

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- 8.5" x 11" and Spiral Bound, so it lays flat.

- Chord charts and technical notes to teach you the songs.

- Commentary and stories to give some context to the songs to better understand them.

- 10 albums, 105 songs, 240 pages. Also available to purchase as individual album chapters.

- Now as PDF files for use on Tablets, PCs, and Phones.

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- Table Of Contents

- Blue-Eyed Hole In Time (from Standard Deviation)
- Cry On The Flowers (from Owls)
- Swing Me Down (from Instead The Forest Rose To Sing)
- Happy All The Time (from Parables & Primes)
- Kiss Me Now (from For Keeps)
- Guilty By Association Blues (Man Of Many Moons)
- Song For Judy & Bridget (from Little Grey Sheep)
- Already Done (from Make Right The Time)